MARQ® Limited-edition Signature Set

MARQ® Limited-edition Signature Set


MARQ® Limited-edition Signature Set
  • MARQ Driver
  • MARQ Aviator
  • MARQ Captain
  • MARQ Adventurer
  • MARQ Athlete
  • Black silicone rubber watch strap
  • Plasma red silicone rubber watch strap
  • Amp yellow silicone rubber watch strap
  • Navy silicone rubber watch strap
  • Three USB/charger cables
  • Documentation

MARQ® Limited-edition Signature Set

Forged from our DNA. Authentic in every detail.

At a Glance

With only 100 in existence — and each individually numbered — the Limited-edition Signature Set is the complete collection of five luxury tool watches, exclusively presented with a signed letter from Garmin CEO Cliff Pemble MARQ® Limited-edition Signature Set.


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With their superior design and extraordinary finishes, these watches are here to champion the lifestyles revolutionized by Garmin technology.


All the smart features you desire are now on an exquisite luxury modern tool watch.

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MARQ® Driver

The Race for Glory, Rediscovered

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Lap Time Repeatability

Measure your consistency throughout a race with your lap time repeatability score.

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Virtual Pit Wall

Hear audio reports of every lap with virtual pit wall.

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Last Race

See a summary of your last race with fastest lap times, total laps and max speed — without a transponder or other equipment.

MARQ® Aviator

The Majesty of Modern Flight, Reimagined

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Direct-to Key

The Direct-to navigation key lets you fly straight to a location or waypoint. The Nearest key activates a path to the nearest airport.

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Moving Map

View your flight path in relation to nearby navaids, airports, intersections and other surface features on the full-color moving map MARQ® Limited-edition Signature Set.

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HSI Course Needle

Follow the instrument-like HSI course needle to your destination.

MARQ® Captain

The Course to Victory, Recharted

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Regatta Timer

Pinpoint starts with a countdown timer that shows time to the gun, while GPS time to burn calculates your ideal position.

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Tack Assist

Sailing features, including tack assist, are designed for one who lives life at the helm.

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Man Overboard

Mark a man overboard with a single press. A directional arrow and distance countdown help execute a swift recovery.

MARQ® Adventurer

Exploration and Adventure, Reawakened

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Use the etched 360˚ compass bezel and orienteering feature to navigate with a classic compass overlaid on a map.

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Expedition App

Save battery power with the expedition app so you can extend your travels into the backcountry by weeks.

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See topographical maps with Trendline™ popularity routing to discover new places to explore.

MARQ® Athlete

The Endurance Sport, Redefined

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Performance Metrics

View advanced training metrics that include running dynamics², heat- and altitude-adjusted VO2 max, recovery advisor and more³.

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Popularity Routing

Find the best running and cycling routes with integrated maps and Trendline™ popularity routing.

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Running Dynamics

Fine-tune your form and progress with advanced running dynamics¹ that track your pace.

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